Monday, September 20, 2010

Alex "Bruce Leroy" Caceres YouTube Videos

Of the TUF 12 cast, Alex Caceres was one who certainly made an impression in the premier episode of TUF 12.

For starters, he was wearing Bruce Lee's iconic yellow-and-black tracksuit as he enters the arena.

He then put Paul "The Wheel" Barrow to sleep with a rear naked choke while displaying good takedown defense and standup striking. 

He was all smiles in his performance prompting Dana White to say "I love this kid" at least three times.

He also tells Josh Rosenthal that his name is Bruce Leroy.

Before entering the show, Caceres engaged in several unsanctioned backyard brawls ala-Kimbo Slice to make a living.

He was paid $600 for each performace.

Here's some of them taken from YouTube:

vs Chocolate

vs Chocolate

This guy is definitely good at submission.

Follow him every Wednesday night at The Ultimate Fighter Season 12.
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